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BigMac Entertainment is a company which provides people with a venue to amuse themselves in their leisure time, and may also provide enjoyment and laughter. BigMac Entertainment hosts some of the most entertaining shows available in the area to include live events, concerts, comedy shows, festivals and sporting events to name a few. 

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Next Best is the premier talent competition of the mid-south to east coast United States that puts you in position to achieve your dreams. 

If you feel you got what it takes to reach stardom in the industry of entertainment. Get signed up and showcase your talent at one of these life changing competitions. 

Next Best is a talent competition hosted by BigMac Entertainment of SADA Services, LLC


BigMac Entertainment's (BME) Entertainment Business Symposium is designed to bring awareness to the Artist or Entertainer on necessary business topics in the entertainment industry.

BME Entertainment Business Symposium is a career building event. The BME Entertainment Business Symposium is a premiere networking event for those serious about their future in the entertainment industry. 


Teen-X is a monthly dance party for teenagers (age 13-19) hosted by BigMac Entertainment. Teen-X dance parties are held in the local communities and open to the public.  

Teen-X and BigMac Entertainment feels that by hosting these dance parties; we will provide the local teens with fun-filled and entertaining events that will reduce the chances of the teens getting into trouble with local authorities. 


Paint a masterpiece with the assistance of an art instructor. Sip on your favorite BYOB social drinks as you socialize with your friends and listen to your favorite music. 

It's a colorful, casual party atmosphere where you can really enjoy yourself and friends. You'll leave with a wonderful masterpiece.

BME  3 on 3 Basketball Tournament

BME 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament is a tournament that showcases the best basketball trio in the local communities. BME 3 on 3 also host live entertainment during these events with entertainers from the local communities. 3 on 3 basketball is a form of the game played three a side on one side of the basketball court.


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BigMac Entertainment

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