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SADA Services, LLC provides quality premier services to its clients.


SADA Services, LLC is a company founded and owned by Mr. Larry D. McClelland. This organization is designed to provide premier services to its clients in the industry of entertainment. The services offered are quality services that compliments the client's personal and professional lifestyle such as entertainment, business solutions, security, event rental space, event planning and digital media.

SADA's Name

SADA is named after Mr. McClelland's lovely kids in order from oldest to youngest.
(Sherika, Ashley, Devonte' and Ayanna)


SADA Business Solutions

SADA Business Solutions is the organization's administrative company. Also provides Mobile Notary Services.

BigMac Entertainment

BigMac Entertainment is the organization's Entertainment company which hosts many of the most entertaining events in the area.

Red Carpet

BigMac Red Carpet provides an amazing red carpet affair and VIP atmosphere for your next event. 

Larry McClelland

Larry McClelland is an American Entrepreneur, motivational speaker, trending author and awesome business consultant.

Armond Graphics


Armond Graphics provides state of the art digital images. Specializing in logos, flyers, digital infomercials, and custom t-shirts.    

Wise Counsel Foundation

Wise Counsel Foundation's mission is to provide stable opportunities for young Americans of the next generation.

SADA Institute

SADA Institute is a learning institution designed to teach the aspiring entrepreneur the blueprints of entrepreneurship and self development.  

Side Hustle Seminar

Side Hustle Seminar is a seminar designed to teach, coach and mentor you to successfully create, design, operate and legalize a profitable side hustle.   

SADA Studios

SADA Studios is a studio rental space for music, photography, and dance. SADA Studios is the right location for your next project.   

SADA Events Center

SADA Events Center is a venue rental facility that supports the primary purpose of promoting and facilitating events for our customers.

SADA Exchange

SADA Exchange is your premier online department store. We offer our customers the best name-brand bargains possible at unbeatable prices. 

ATM Security

ATM Security is the company's provides security to support and secure the functions of the SADA Services organization.


Business Conference

Mobile Notary Services

Sales Force Conference

Atl Glamour Fashion Show

Larry McClelland

BigMac Red Carpet

Armond Graphics

BigMac Entertainment


SADA Services, LLC is committed to its clients, also we love making connections and meeting new people. Feel free to drop us an email message, ask a question or leave a comment. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks in advance.

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